Today, Casais Group is one of the largest in the construction sector in Portugal.

Casais was established on 23rd May 1958 under the name "António Fernandes da Silva & Irmãos, Lda". Later, in 1991, it adopted the Master António Casais family's nickname as its brand, family who until today and for 59 years has administrated the company, becoming Empreiteiros Casais de António Fernandes da Silva SA.


In 1994, we began the internationalization process in Germany.

In 2008, we changed the company name to Casais - Engenharia e Construção, S.A., marking its five decades of activity.


Today, Casais Group is one of the largest in the construction sector in Portugal. Maintaining a family-owned enterprise characteristic, the core business company of the Group - Casais - Engineering and Construction is managed by the second and third generations with the board of directors chaired by the eldest son of Master Casais, José da Silva Fernandes, and the Executive Council by António Carlos Fernandes Rodrigues, who is the eldest grandson of the founder.


With a consolidated presence in the domestic market, the internationalization initiated in 1994 in Germany is a pillar of the strategy of organic growth, supported by local partnerships and alliances.


The Group currently operates in 15 countries: Portugal, Germany, Angola, Belgium, Gibraltar, Holland, France, Morocco, Mozambique, Brazil, Qatar, Algeria, UK, Spain and United Arab Emirates and but in our internationalization history we have also operated in other countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Cape Verde and Spain.


The Future is mainly driven by continued growth in the national market, by the focus on internationalization, consolidating our presence in the countries where we are currently working and studying our entry into other countries, but also by focusing on the newer business areas of the group which are Environment, Energy and Services.

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