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Following the approach to Qatar in the end of 2011, we signed the first contract for construction of a multifunctional building for a private investor the following year.

Later we were involved in projects in the residential area and offices and in the construction of the Chancellery of the Portuguese Embassy in Doha, all high-quality projects and with great detail.

We are currently involved in a partnership to build four car parks for a Governmental Institution.

The private contracts have made up our portfolio, but our main goal is public works so it is important to focus on strategic partnerships in this market.

We are based in the capital, Doha, and we have a team made up of 65 employees and only four are expatriates. The remaining workforce consists of local human capital, i.e. very diverse representing a total of six nationalities: Portuguese, Indians, Nepalese, Filipinos, Jordanians, Pakistanis and Sri Lankan. Team spirit, mutual assistance, versatility and dedication have been instrumental to overcome the adversity under current conditions.

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