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The German market was the cradle of the internationalization of the Casais Group, in 1994.

More than 20 years of a journey marked by the consideration of our collaborators, by the respect for signed contracts, as well as, open and cordial relations with suppliers and clients, who continue to rely on our services.


Our first project was the redeveloping of a city block of HalleSalle and since then we have been undertaking works in the most diverse sectors: public buildings, residential, commercial, office, sports and industrial buildings, hydraulic infrastructures and engineering works. In recent years we have executed predominantly buildings.


We have an office in Munich; we have created and maintained a solid organizational structure, marked by the Casais values that define our culture of action and management.


Currently, with a diverse team, we are dedicated to providing services for execution of structures in reinforced concrete, prefabricated elements and masonry. In this market, we have had the privilege of working with the largest German engineering and construction companies recognised World wide.


The thorough preparation of a work, the quality of the projects as well as the use of sophisticated equipment and materials, are important features of the world of construction, which combined with the punctuality and organization typical of the German culture, enable the execution of works of great complexity and with tight deadlines.


More recently, we highlight the works: MK4 and Bavaria Towers, both in Munich.

Associated Companies:

Engineering and Construction
  • CNT Alemanha
Ingénierie et Construction
  • CNT Alemanha
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