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10 years ago we kicked off in Morocco with a large project for costs controlled social housing.

The Four Seasons Resort Marrakech was the first renowned project in this market.

The refurbishment of the Hotel La Mamounia was the most symbolic.

A decade of activity. Accumulated turnover of 1 billion Dirhams reached this year in August.

Currently, with headquarters in Rabat, we diversify the type of works performed: service buildings, laboratories, construction of a TGV link Tangier-Casablanca. Private and public works.

A team consisting of 90 employees, half of them being Moroccan nationals. Brave warriors, with perseverance, permanent capacity to overcome and a lot of spirit of sacrifice, they defend the foundations and contribute to the growth and affirmation of Casais Maroc in a mature, but competitive, market.

The year of 2014 was particularly complex but based on completed and ongoing contracts with large national and international impact which present new challenges to the team.

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  • Carpin Wood & Metal
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  • Carpin Wood & Metal
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