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After entry into Germany and Belgium, CNT arrives in Holland in 2010.

After entry into Germany and Belgium, CNT arrives in Holland in 2010, with the participation in an emblematic work in Rotterdam: the construction of the BP Headquarters, during which we obtained an important recognition for the record without work accidents on site.


Since then, like in the other European markets, we have worked with large construction and engineering companies for internationally recognized clients. In this market, the Safety requirements are at a high level, boosting the high technical training and specialization of our staff in order to obtain certificates that enable our teams to perform very specific jobs, such as raising platforms/stations and forklift driving operators.


Formwork systems are our specialty. Warehouses, industrial units, pavilions and demanding works in refinery environment are part of our portfolio.


We are a confident, optimistic team and determined to fulfil the objectives set forth. We value, with special relevance, our relationship with clients through a posture based on professionalism, friendliness, good mood, availability and quick response or assistance to requests from our clients.

Associated Companies:

Engineering and Construction
  • CNT Holanda
  • CNT Holanda
Ingénierie et Construction
  • CNT Holanda
  • CNT Holanda
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