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We have started our activity in Mozambique by the end of 2010 by building de Headquarters of Banco Único. Over the past two years the company has had a significant growth, and it is right now building a group of works of huge dimension, of which we highlight the Headquarters of BCI Bank in Maputo and the Headquarters of the Municipality of Matola.

The company’s head office is located in Maputo and has a construction site in Matola therefore we are able to develop a service provision in the different areas of our activity and of our subsidiaries. Over the years we have taken part in the construction of several buildings and infrastructures, especially in the field of military, educational, services, tourism, industry and housing estates, industry and communication routes. Our commitment in integrating local workers, both technical and operational, along with expat labor, has been very positive, both in the integration of the company in the country and in the development of qualified service provision with a high knowledge and demanding levels. The inherent values of Casais Group have allowed a significant investment in the range of social responsibility, by taking part in partnership in the construction of a huge group of sports complexes which are available to the community in the area of Matola, in the headquarters of the Avomac Association, and in the restoration of the School “A Luta Continua.”

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