Engineering at the service of construction

This is our business cycle. The almost 60 long years of existence anchor the experience and capacity we have to provide a complete service. We are able to provide our clients with the engineering required to develop their projects. We have examples of our ability, in the past and present, from the development of Hospitals, Wastewater and Water Treatment Stations and Works of Art.

In fact, we enjoy a long relationship with a group of experts who give us the support for almost any type of engineering project. We are the best because we work with the best.

This expertise which allows us to master the process is simultaneously an assurance of greater responsibility of the contractor towards the Client. The solutions we develop with the construction and user experience we collect with maintenance are apparent in the various projects. This is our cycle of knowledge.

With a long course developed and sustained on a solid base of tools, we have a core proficiency of procurement that was born and developed supported in the area of construction, but which currently supports all business areas. With an own professional staff and tools developed to our measure, we are able to search markets and contract the best partners to incorporate materials and services in everything we do.

The completion of the project and the mastery of knowing how to assemble the pieces of the puzzle is one of our greatest skills. The art of knowing which are the right pieces, planning the assembly sequence and operating the activity of fitting them together and making sure they are in the right place, in ever more complex and bigger puzzles, is a competence that we cultivate and which differentiates us.

We invest in skilled technicians and encourage the development of the skills of our teams. With internal qualifications that ensure conditions in order to work in the most hostile and dangerous environments, our teams are prepared to apply engineering to serve the client. We master the processes and know the difficulties and virtues of the solutions, so we bring added-value to the processes in which we are involved.

Our expertise goes far beyond this border, and many of the pieces of the puzzle are made through our own production facilities, allowing us to respond more effectively, while ensuring the same quality and management principles that are vital to our business. The experience of marketing and application of the most varied types of materials that Socimorcasal has developed over the past 25 years allows the Group to master the knowledge about the finest materials to be used in construction.

The own ability extends itself to an area that sometimes requires the craftsman and detail to be able to build the solution tailored to the Client. This is where Carpincasais shows its strength. Dominating the timber industry, it presents itself as one of the companies with more manufacturing and installing capacity in this segment, succeeding in developing the most special solutions than any architect could conceive.

The cycle of our business does not end with construction. In fact, the object of construction is one of the assets that most lasts throughout time, sometimes carrying history and marking periods. In the perspective of facilities management, Opertec emerges as the strong commitment of the Casais Group in the provision of complete and integrated energy services on the one hand, and maintenance of buildings and infrastructures on the other.

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