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Efficiency Solutions

We aim to contribute in a sustained way to the conservation and rational use of energy

The Casais Group has come to play a very proactive role in the support and implementation of what are considered to be energy efficiency solutions, being the flux regulation one of the areas in which it has come to prove itself. The flux regulation solutions are currently perfectly identified, with very positive results and immediate benefits for public lighting installations.

In the perspective of facilities management, we developed project studies and proposals for interventions aiming at the certification of thermal performance and indoor air quality of buildings (under ESA) on the one hand, and also the reduction of the energy bill for buildings (new facilities, major rehabilitation and design review) on the other.

Under the concept of lighting efficiency and considering the significant expression in terms of energy costs in the sector, Opertec has launched an innovative solution in the field of intelligent management of public and exterior lighting, based on a point-to-point technology, having some implemented and tested examples with proven results in terms of efficiency and flexibility of operation.

With these initiatives, it aims to contribute in a sustained way to the conservation and rational use of energy within the collective effort, namely of the EU, to correspond to the great challenges that the effective management of available resources and climate changes pose to humanity.

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