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Carpincasais pioneer with certification

CE Marking in Exterior Frames (Wooden Windows and Doors)

Carpincasais, in partnership with other agents, was the first national company to bring this solution to the market. The new product has obtained the maximum values stipulated by the NP EN 14351-1:2008 standard mentioned in CE marking. The process went through several testing phases: water tightness, air permeability, resistance to wind force, thermal transmission, acoustic insulation, and loading capacity of the safety devices and dangerous substances, among others. The accessories chosen, such as glass, the fittings and the sealants have enhanced the performances of the profile in obtaining these results.

With this CE marking, Carpincasais fulfils the legal requirements to be a company qualified for the restoration and renovation of the entire framework of historic buildings. One of the major goals is to increase turnover and to become specialized in the market of renovation and restoration. The great benefit is to guarantee the client a product that has been tested and is of proven quality. Clients who preferred wooden frames but chose aluminium or PVC, not trusting the reliability of wood, now have a fully guaranteed solution. It is noteworthy that Carpincasais has a maintenance manual associated with this product, as well as having technical bulletins for all of its components.

Wooden fire doors made by Carpincasais

This was a project that was fully developed by the Department of Design and Development of Carpincasais. The initial stages consisted of researching the best raw materials for the formation of the door, the development of constructive details and various internal tests. Once the project was defined, the implementation of the prototype followed, which was tested in a national laboratory. The last tests were carried out in international laboratories, since in Portugal there are no accredited laboratories for this purpose.

Once again, Carpincasais was the first company to design a door targeted at architectural and design firms, due to the versatility of the measures and the various settings. In this way, Carpincasais reaches a new market of considerable value in the construction sector fire doors, no longer being dependent on the delivery time for this type of product, thus controlling production according to client needs.

Indeed, as a manufacturer Carpincasais wants to respond quickly and effectively to market requirements, both in the delivery and in the quality/price ratio of its products. It offers products tested according to European standards and which comply with Community legislation in force.

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