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Casais is CREE partner

Grupo Casais is now the CREE licensing partner for Portugal. The contract was signed by Antonio Carlos, CEO of Grupo Casais, Hubert Rhomberg, CEO & Co-Founder of CREE, and Volker Weissenberger, CREE’s Director of Global Licensing. Grupo Casais now has exclusive access to a brand-new, digital way of developing and constructing sustainable buildings for its customers and partners.


Antonio Carlos explains the reasons behind his company’s decision to join the CREE network: “CREE’s sustainable hybrid timber solutions and mindset are aligned with our present and future positioning in the construction industry. Our goal is to build responsibly by incorporating sustainable business practices, which will create long-term value.” The CREE system relies heavily on a natural, renewable raw material – wood. Its key feature is the standardised prefabrication of individual components such as the ceiling, façade, columns and core.These can then be quickly assembled on site, reducing carbon emissions, noise and dust to save time, resources and money.


Hubert Rhomberg comments: “Our sustainable construction system is changing the face of the construction industry. By entering into collaborations with licensees like the Grupo Casais, we are speeding up this process. I see that as a major success.”


The CREE platform enables users to collaborate on projects and leverage the power of customized digital twins for fast prototyping and planning. Shared knowledge of the CREE system ranges from high-level descriptions to technical in-depth information. This “digital table” guarantees factors relevant to investors, architects and technical planners such as speed, cost, security and quality, while allowing the ongoing exchange of knowledge and know-how between all parties. In addition, the users can find suppliers offering CREE system-related products and services. The CREE platform is home to the CREE community, with shared data, real world experiences and best practices – acting as the core driver of further innovations and developments.


Under licence, Grupo Casais can maintain their status as industry innovators and leaders in their domestic markets. Antonio Carlos notes: “Grupo Casais’ environmental performance has continued to evolve steadily since the decision to implement the Integrated Management System and adopt sustainable strategies such as CREE’s pioneering timber and hybrid timber construction systems, which are fundamental to the development and consolidation of our position in an increasingly competitive market. Our company has a social responsibility to avoid and reduce environmental damage arising from our activities. It is our understanding that organisations and governments should work together to limit carbon production, and using the CREE systems means we are being proactive in this area.”

About CREE GmbH

Founded in 2010, CREE is a collaborative group of companies, which have come together to foster and accelerate innovation in sustainable buildings and offer users a faster, more cost-effective and higher quality experience. Together they have developed the CREE systems: proven, repeatable and continuously developing multi-storey prefabricated hybrid timber building solutions. CREE is collectively deploying the technology via the CREE platform, thus enabling others to excel in their market. CREE has awarded international licences for its hybrid timber building system in Japan, Singapore, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and now Portugal.

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