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Industrialization is our tool to increase efficiency and we believe it will be essential for the construction transition, where we will increasingly see products and systems designed and produced in an integrated way, thus allowing to transform construction into a process of assembling components that can be configured in different ways to achieve the hired final result.

The lifetime of buildings depends on better design, better performance of construction products and information sharing. In this sense, as a civil engineering and construction company, we are already at the forefront with regard to the use of construction techniques that promote the durability of buildings and the resilience of materials.

Our teams use technologies such as BIM to simulate different durability and cost comparison scenarios. For Casais it is already a reality to use software that allows us to have a more incisive focus on the main performance indicators of the building, such as its cost throughout the entire life cycle.

We have also included in our processes the resources necessary for error resilience and we have already started our off-site industrialization and pre-construction process, with a considerable impact on all phases of design, construction and maintenance of buildings.

We are developing solutions that allow us to add off-site construction processes to BIM technology that focus on the opportunity to bring the construction sector closer to the best practices in other industries.

The visible face of this industrialization process is BluFab that embodies our off-site construction unit and is supplying the works with elements manufactured and assembled at the factory.

Thus, in addition to being completely focused on developing quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructures, designed to support human well-being and economic development, we have been promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization, promoting at all times technological development processes, research and innovation.

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