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CarpinAngola's application to the "Made in Angola" program was approved


"Made in Angola" is a program created by the Ministry of Economy to certify the products and services manufactured and produced in the national territory. The objectives of this certification are:

- Promote the consumption and loyalty of Angolans to the national product;

- Joining companies under a global brand to increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns;

- Increase national pride and strengthen the country's economy.

By joining the "Made in Angola" program, CarpinAngola can take advantage of the various benefits granted to its members:

- Use of the logo on its products. This will be used in multiple advertising campaigns and awareness of the Ministry and other companies of the program, becoming a symbol of quality;

- Access to exclusive content, such as INAPEM (The National Institute of Support to Micro, Small and Medium Firms) trainings or the newsletter of the program;

- Networking opportunities with the other members.

With the approval of the application, CarpinAngola can integrate the program that has already more than 101 supporters, among which companies like TAAG, BCI, BAI, Lactiangol or Agrolíder.

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