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Casais Group reinforces its commitment to Asset Promotion and Management in Portugal


Following its extensive experience in real estate promotion, both in the housing segment and in industrial, commercial, hotel and service buildings, the Casais Group, despite the experienced context, maintains a cycle of investments in assets that are based on a set of premises that the Covid-19 comes to reinforce and confirm. In this sense, the Casais Group, in addition to being the company responsible for the construction of six hotel units for B & B Hotels, also takes on the promotion of five of these hotels - Montijo, Oeiras, Vila Nova de Gaia, Olhão and Guimarães. So far, the Casais Group has already concluded the B&B Hotel Lisbon Airport, and the B&B Montijo Hotel is also being concluded. At the end of July, the Casais Group also laid the 1st stone for the B&B Hotel Porto Gaia and, in mid-September, the 1st stone for the B&B Hotel Lisbon Oeiras. Notice that, the company has been developing a set of construction concepts that aim to introduce additional flexibility to the interior of the buildings, and the aforementioned projects result from a partnership that was born in 2018, and that translates into a set of constructive solutions that were studied in conjunction with the B & B Hotels group, having achieved a high standard of quality at a very competitive cost with collaborative work, while raising the standard of acoustic performance and comfort. The current pandemic situation has brought great challenges, however, when the concepts are aligned with future trends, the future is viewed with more confidence. Today, we seek to develop a set of construction concepts that were worked with the use of BIM technology. For Casais, it is already a reality the use of software that allows us to have a more incisive focus on the main performance indicators of the building, such as its cost throughout the entire life cycle, thus promoting an increase in productivity. This is therefore a symbol of the virtuosity of what can be achieved with collaborative work between those who have the vision and those who materialize it. Only by working side by side from the beginning is it possible to capture all the value and create a product where the price, term and quality are in balance because they have been subject to collaborative debugging and shared decision. Construction is one of the oldest sectors and an industry with a very regional nature that uses locally available materials and skills. The solidity and beauty of the existing building allows these spaces to remain until today. Some old buildings are now again spaces for other purposes. Today, the Casais Group operates with the premise, together in building a more sustainable tomorrow. Therefore, it is important for construction to think about the adaptability of buildings today and in the future. If the exterior remains, already in the case of the interior of existing buildings, it is necessary to allow the constant changes in use to be viable and possible, placing on the table the reuse of materials and solutions. Building resilient infrastructures, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization as well as fostering innovation are some of the premises that can and should be associated with the principle of durability and that have been guiding the Group's operations in the market. The principles of decarbonization and circular economy are also part of the Group's philosophy and imply rethinking construction processes based on the exercise of sustainability, since the transport of products and services over long distances also has an impact on the carbon footprint of the building.

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