Human Resources · Policy and Mission of Human Resources

Policy and Mission of Human Resources

The Human Resources Department, as an important catalyst for motivation and productivity of the workforce, in its mission, aims to attract, develop and retain the best human resources

The current context of rapid change, particularly in the construction sector, requires the Casais Group to adapt nimbly to the changes in the environment and the responses imply possessing human capital prepared to act in this turbulent environment. Thus, major challenges are set forth to the Management of the Group’s Human Resources, such as: promoting flexibility of human resources to enable an effective capability of responding to the surroundings, creating an identity that allows the anchoring of human resources to the company’s project, and the demonstration of behaviours that differentiate the Casais Group from its competition by creating a strong corporate culture.

In this perspective, the Human Resources Department of the Casais Group, as an important catalyst for motivation and productivity of the workforce, in its mission, aims to attract, develop and retain the best human resources necessary to implement the Group’s strategy. Congruent to its mission, the policy of Human Resource Management of the Casais Group was outlined based on five major strategic axles:

- Attracting the best through a recruitment strategy integrated with the Group’s Values , incorporating the CASAIS Values in the recruitment profiles in order to fit in future employee candidates and, at the same time, develop a uniform methodology in all recruitment processes, performed anywhere.

- Developing human capital in a systematic way through a strategy of performance management and continuous training , encouraging the involvement of various hierarchical levels in the training (from the Administration and Top Management to Foremen and Work Technicians) and integrating the CASAIS Values in the training programmes, as well as in the processes of career development in order to develop appropriate attitudes and behaviours congruent with the Values and Culture of the company.

- Recognizing and rewarding behaviours and expected performance through a policy of fair wages and benefits , creating a culture of informal recognition that be the lever of the employees’ motivation for performance of success and promoting the active participation of all to obtain the best results for the company, through a remuneration policy that respects the internal equity and constitutes the compensation of the contribution made by employees to business results. Its bases are: the consistency of the components of the remuneration policy; the articulation with the company’s strategic goals; the allocation criteria based on performance and contribution of each element to the results; and being a source of motivation and productivity for the employees.

- Retaining the best with an appropriate strategy of talent management and encouraging internal and external mobility, integrating the CASAIS Values in the performance management model in order to measure their daily experience, introducing the approach of the “What” and the “How”. It is in the company’s interest to motivate and support all staff, with particular focus on the elements with high potential, and prepare the latter to become the future leaders of the organization.

- Promoting the CASAIS culture with the active participation of employees in company life, teamwork, discipline and creativity, involving employees in order to achieve each one’s commitment to the company’s project and, accordingly, it is essential to create mechanisms which promote the involvement of the employees in company life.

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